Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Winter things

Well, since we kind of had Thanksgiving last weekend it is officially winter in my mind. I thought about the new winter activities of Japan that I will warmly remember for the rest of my life from the comfort of my future home in the southern U.S.

Top Ten Winter Activities for 2007:
10. Accidentally taking a moonlit stroll home with my daughter because I went grocery shopping at 4 pm and forgot that it gets pitch dark really fast
9. Getting a bottle of hot Royal Milk Tea from Lawson and sharing it on the walk home
8. Eating mikan (Japanese tangerines) - it is really unavoidable because they are everywhere, but why would you avoid it?!
7. Wearing socks all the time
6. Taking a nice bath and having the water feel really hot on your cold feet at first
5. Big udon
4. Knitting hats for the family (including dolls)
3. Snuggling up under the big blanket and watching the holiday episodes of The Simpsons
2. Christmas and New Year celebrations

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