Monday, November 12, 2007

Lilies/ Uncute Story

Ugh, for Valentine's day last year my husband got me a bunch of lilies like these:

And they were awesome because they were "STARFIGHTER" lilies. But then after a few days we noticed that they were really stinking up the kitchen and we reluctantly both agreed they smelled "kinda like pee flowers".

Anyway, since yesterday I've been sitting at my desk thinking it smelled like Valentine's Day and I didn't know why. But then I looked in my under the desk trash bin and noticed there were diapers in there. My daughter usually throws her diapers away in the kitchen garbage after we change her but she must have had the idea she could put them there too. I also had some old flowers in the trash from when I was taking doll pictures a few days ago.

What I've learned: lilies go outside, organic material goes in the kitchen trash, throw the diapers away myself.

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Jonesy said...

What a charming anecdote, my dear.