Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I've been making my own comics for about ten years now and sharing them with friends (Mr. Green, My Lame Existence, etc...) but now I am interested in starting a zine or two. So I'm doing a zine swap this summer that will let me try this out. Is anyone out there interested in a trade?

zines on Etsy.com

Friday, May 23, 2008

Robin Hood

When I was in eighth grade I was obsessed with Robin Hood and read every book there was at the library about him, there was even one book that was more of a historical romance that I read. I knew all about every character, my favorite was Will Scarlet. I don't remember much now.

What happened? Does everyone obsess over something and then forget about it completely once they get through puberty? I guess Robin Hood is better than the Backstreet Boys.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mr. Grieves

This is how I feel about cover songs. Imagine you went to your favorite sandwich place and ordered your usual and the restaurant changed suppliers so that the tomatoes are all different and now they are using imported cheese and different mustard. There are three outcomes to this situation. The first is that you can't even tell the difference so why would they bother changing it up in the first place. The next is everything is all wrong and you are left with the taste of sadness lingering in your mouth. The third is that everything is different but hey this is actually kind of good.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Japanese "The Office"

So America really likes Japan now, huh? There weren't even subtitles. That means that most young people understand to a large degree what they're saying, crazy!

Altered Barbies

I'm interested in this. I don't know any girl who didn't "alter" a Barbie ever. My mom didn't want to buy my sisters and I any Ken dolls for some reason so I had to make a few female-to-male dolls. There also had to be some ugly girls to make my doll population truer to life.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I've done a few craft swaps and I really like them but will probably have to take a break from them this summer. I did a few on craftster.org and one on swap-bot.com. I prefer swap-bot because the swaps are generally smaller in terms of items and time. I like my swaps how I like my women, small and sweet. Aww, Mei!

Love This!

Oh I've wanted this bathing suit since forever. Except in red, which I would wear with a big sunhat and matching sunglasses and not swim, drinking mojitos while exotica played in the background.

There would also be someone there called Reginald that I would call "Reginald, Darling" and would always make him hold my towel and stuff like that. A tanned Cliff would be swimming and splashing handsomely and we would be laughing and clinking our glasses together occasionally. He would also say "My My!" When I tell him something exciting.

At modcloth.com


Nag Champa

Nag Champa is a fragrance from India. It has a high concentration of sandalwood. It is most frequently found in the form of incense sticks and cones, but soap, perfume oil, scented candles, and massage oil are also available.

Nag Champa belongs to the "Champa" class of Indian incense, originating from the Champa flower. Champa incenses contain a natural ingredient indigenous to India called "halmaddi", which is a semi-liquid resin taken from the Ailanthus Malabarica tree. It is what gives Nag Champa its characteristic grey color. Halmaddi is hygroscopic which means it absorbs moisture from the air. This can cause Nag Champa incenses to have a wet feeling to them.

Nag Champa-scented items are usually easy to find in shops selling Indian goods and many health food stores, as well as metaphysical and New Age book stores, liquor stores, gas stations, music stores, and head shops.

Bob Dylan burns Nag Champa at his concerts, and as such it is popular among Bob Dylan enthusiasts.

(From Wikipedia)

We use it when we're cleaning the house and that's usually right before the babysitter comes. She must think we're big hippies. Wait, am I?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Cute Commercial

Skylark Gusto

It's a family restaurant in Japan. I go there frequently because the work day is over at 9 pm usually so it's one of the only places that's open. Here is a girl reading the menu (part 1). I'm pretty hungry so I hope Cliff hurries home after work.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Maid in Manhattan

I read the A.V. Club interview with Amy Sedaris yesterday. I did not know she was in Maid in Manhattan. I'm not a Jennifer Lopez fan so I haven't seen it. I think Jennifer Lopez just stole everyone's good will and hopes for Selena and transferred them cleverly to herself. Anyway, this is what i am watching right now.

I know you're out there!

So no one really leaves comments but I know they're still reading this because they tell me to my face. That's cool you guys. See you laters.

Troublemaker by Weezer

This song is an anthem!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I love the 90s.

This is an awesome/awful commercial for a Zelda game.

I just watched an episode of Stella where Michael Ian Black said, "I'm Michael Ian Black. I love the 90s" to introduce himself. That's so sad to me. Go watch Stella people!

Halloween Already?

One of my favorite things to think about is what I want to be for Halloween next year. In 2007 I was a panda and a ballerina and two different parties. The year before that I made a cardboard box that looked like a television (my screen name) and everyone thought I was my husband and best friend's 12-year-old kid which made me realize I can't always dress like a 12-year-old kid if it's going to end up pissing me off.

I'm trying to think of costumes that will be good for me and an my husband so that when I get my sewing machine back I can start working on them. Halloween costume contests always give away a stupid amount of money. I know in my heart the prizes probably would go to the skimpiest or most topical costume but in my imagination it would be the most elaborate.

My first idea is Beetlejuice and Lydia. The upside to that is that Lydia looks friggin' awesome, the downside is that Beetlejuice is pretty disgusting looking. Beetlejuice would probably require a wig because he has pretty sparse hair. But their sizes are about right for us.

What would awesome and probably really difficult to make is the Joker and Harley Quinn. I think we would make great ones. And the costume would be pretty topical since the new Batman movie is coming out this summer. I can't wait to see it.