Thursday, November 29, 2007

Designer Girl Dolls

According to an article on this site:

When toy manufacturers saw the impact which the Blythe revival was creating, they rushed to translate the big-eyed, large-head syndrome into playdolls. A few years ago, Toy Depot introduced a range of Designer Girl dolls, which had wonderful eye movements similar to Blythe. These dolls came in four different hair colours, cerise, black and purple, but seem to have been totally shunned by Blythe enthusiasts as 'cheap copies'. Copies they may have been, but at £10 for a Blythe look-a-like, they were a good buy, and are certainly one to watch as a future investment. Today these dolls appear on the internet and in charity shops for a few pounds. Designer Girls, unlike Blythe, had eyebrows, and their mouths were thicker and their necks thinner. The plastic was more shiny, too, but, even so, with a bit of customising they could be made into attractive Blythe clones.

I tried searching for one online but I can't find any for sale or pictures. I didn't think I was a crappy google user so if anyone has any info on these I want to see one! I would probably buy one.

Edit: Eww gross I found them under the name "Little Big Eyes" and they are really uncute. I would never buy one!

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