Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tea Tales 1: Mugicha

I've been thinking I wanted to do a series of post related to different types of tea because I love trying new kinds and can frequently be found drinking it. For my first post on this topic, I wanted to tell those who may not know already about mugicha.

Mugicha (roasted barley tea) is a Japanese summer favorite. As soon as the weather heats up, you can find boxes and bag of mugicha tea bags on display at the ends of grocery aisle. I'm drinking it now!

Mugicha is very easy to make, you simply put the tea sack in a pitcher of water and leave it in the fridge for a few hours and it makes itself. Since the barley doesn't get bitter like regular tea leaves you can leave the tea bag in the pitcher for as long as the drink is in there, which isn't very long because people guzzle this stuff like water. Mugicha is usually served unsweetened and it is caffeine free!

From Wikipedia:

According to Japanese food conglomerate Kagome, a recent study stated that drinking mugicha increased blood fluidity. This action is caused by an alkylpyrazine, which is a primary flavor in the drink. Japanese consider it to cleanse the blood of impurities. Mugicha also has been linked with reduced stress during a study by the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Products in China.

Hey, that's good news!

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