Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wife Swap Raw Foodies

So what's different with these raw dieters is that they eat raw meat too. They aren't over-reacting after they eat "regular food". Most people commenting on the video at youtube have probably never had a drastically different diet from the norm so they wouldn't know that changing it up like that can seriously fuck up your body. Even doing something like changing to a vegetarian diet can be hard on the body at first and cause excessive gas and stomach pain. But that only happens because the body gets really used to digesting and trying to process crap like fruit roll-up and french fries that it doesn't know what to do with real food.

Anyway, been there done that and I think the most important aspect of eating is to eat in moderation and try to only buy things in the outer edges of the grocery store. If you can get 6 perfect strawberries for the price of 4 boxes of Little Debbie snacks - go for the strawberries because when it comes down to it, you will always remember that time you got those heavenly strawberries.

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